iPhone 7S Plus, rumor release date, price and specifications

Top Smartphone manufacturer company, Apple, is all set to launch its next iPhone i.e. iphone7S Plus.
iphone7S Plus is in the news nowadays, because, Sonny Dickson, the tipster sent the images of the next iphone7 model, which is upgraded one to 9to5MAC (DNA Reported). These images are a dummy model of the iPhone 7s Plus.
The release date for iPhone 7S Plus is not confirmed yet because the apple company is working on it, but this is confirmed that Apple’s iPhone 7S Plus may not be the most expensive one.

Here are the latest images of iPhone 7S Plus:

iPhone 7S Plus
Image Source: BGR
Update: New images show a glass-backed iPhone 7S Plus and also hint at the presence of wireless charging.

The iPhone 7S Plus release day is almost over. If you’re waiting for Apple’s next iPhone release and don’t want to pay for the undoubtedly expensive iPhone 8. The iPhone 7S Plus is the perfect one!
This ‘S’ upgrade will be one of three new iPhones for 2017, according to the new rumors that indicate we’re looking at a lower-cost iPhone with new features.
And by ‘lower-cost’, we mean to say the iPhone 7S and iPhone 7S Plus will likely be the same price as previous iPhones – but cheap next to iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus.
Apple company is going to do some serious upgrade in iPhone 7S Plus, one that’s faster has a better screen and a superior dual-lens camera.
We know very well, that our viewers are very much excited and enthusiastic to know about the specifications of new iPhone. So, to keep your enthusiasm up to mark, here are the iPhone 7S Plus specs that we’ve heard.

Let’s begin with some rapid fire questions:

What is the newest iPhone? The next phablet phone (iPhone 7S Plus)

When will the iPhone be released? Probably September 2017

What makes the iPhone look like? iPhone 7S Plus will look like the same as previous iPhone 7 serious, but there are some up-gradation in the design of the iPhone 7S Plus.

iPhone 7S Plus release date:

Apple always announces their new iPhone at the start of September and released the phone later in the month, and that’s exactly when we expect the new iPhone 7S Plus to launch in 2017.
We know, that Apple is going to launch much awaited smartphone that is iPhone 8 Plus, but not be confused with the rumored iPhone 8 Plus, because iPhone 8 is said to be suffering delays due to complications with OLED display production and the fingerprint scanner – which may mean it doesn’t appear at the same time as the 7S Plus, if it exists at all.
We’re pretty confident that the iPhone 7S Plus will launch in September, and it would make sense for it to go on sale a couple of weeks later because one source claims that mass production of iPhone 7 Plus is already started.

iPhone 7S Plus display size and resolution:

iPhone 7S Plus display
Image Source: Slickwraps
There is not much difference as iPhone 7S Plus screen size and resolution is likely to stay the same.

Rumors also say that iPhone 7S Plus may feature a brighter, more colorful OLED screen. Since Apple is continuously working and struggling with an OLED screen.
It was said that Apple is going to change their phone screen from LCD to OLED but they are struggling with this in iPhone 8 Plus, but this could be the best way if they replace iPhone 7S Plus screen with OLED and Apple is on its way to do this. If Apple gets succeeded in implementing OLED in their iPhone then they will have the advantage to implement AR and VR on their device.  We don’t expect all three models to switch to LCD right away due to supply constraints.
Apple will not increase their screen resolution users will get OLED screen on their devices.
iPhone 7S Plus would have a 5.5-inch screen with a 1080 x 1920 resolution on the 7S Plus, generating a more-than-acceptable pixel density of 401ppi.

iPhone 7S Plus design:

Apple had focused more on their iPhone 7S Plus design, as you will be able to see a new glass at the back. This is one of the major up-gradation that Apple has done in their iPhone 7S Plus which is making iPhone 7S Plus stand unique from the smartphone crowd.
Rumor was there that Apple will involve glass at the back of iPhone 8 Plus, but this time Apple is mainly focusing to upgrade their iPhone 7S plus.
Apple will launch it’s iPhone 8 Plus with the company’s 10 anniversary with a grand celebration and iPhone 7S Plus will not get the same treatment.
Apple has achieved many technological benefits with the introduction of glass as the back of iPhone 7S Plus, as you will be able to see modifications in this iPhone series. There might be no antenna bands, and wireless charging will be possible in Apple iPhone 7S Plus, but the overall shape, along with the ports and buttons, seems much the same as the iPhone 7 Plus.

iPhone 7S Plus Colour:

It’s possible that there will be a new color scheme launched for the iPhone 7S Plus though, Apple added red to the mix for the iPhone 7 and it’s rumored that a mirror-like finish is in the works for the iPhone 8.
It could be that this shade will be exclusive to the top-end model (for now known as the iPhone 8), but it’s also possible that the iPhone 7S Plus and iPhone 7S will get it as well, but
Don’t expect too much to change the front design for the iPhone 7S Plus. Apple could give it a glass back and make it a hair thicker due to new features like wireless charging

iPhone 7S Plus camera:

iPhone 7S Plus camera
Image Source: Google
Dual-cameras got popular in 2017 with the introduction of LG G6, Huawei P10, P10 Plus and OnePlus 5 smartphones, and this was the reason that Apple would move away from this and upgraded their rear camera in iPhone 7S Plus.

The biggest upgrade for iPhone 7 Plus was the introduction of the dual camera as it sets it apart from the single-camera iPhone 7, so we’d expect to see the same photo smarts on the iPhone 7S Plus.
Respected Chinese analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has suggested the dual-lens camera will remain limited to the Plus model, and that both lenses will benefit from optical image stabilization, where currently only the wide-angle lens features OIS of the iPhone 7 Plus.

iPhone 7S Plus battery:

It’s universal fact that when the subject comes to the battery capacity, then mostly every smartphone manufacturer struggles with this and this can be seen same in iPhone 7S Plus, as it’s likely to be the same size, 2,900mAh battery, but its battery life could be improved with newer chipset and software
However, Apple company has not done a much modification to the design of the 7S Plus which is likely to be very similar to its predecessor but there is some up-gradation in its technology, apart from reducing phone antenna size, Apple has also introduced a wireless charging system in it. Now users don’t have to run for their USB, all they have to do is to move on to a wireless charging, and with the integration of new chipset and software integration, Apple has improved upon 7S Plus battery capacity.

iPhone 7S Plus OS and power:

Apple has introduced a new version of IOS i.e. IOS 11 operating system in iPhone 7S Plus, and to improve your knowledge “More powerful chipset, possibly more RAM too”.
Apple announced their new software at WWDC 2017 and with this iOS 11 will be ready to run on the iPhone 7S Plus.
Features that IOS 11 includes a new look for the App Store, a focus on augmented reality, improvements to Apple Pay and a whole lot more.

The iPhone 7 Plus was launched with A10 Fusion chipsets, so we’d expect a new quad-core chip on the iPhone 7S Plus and it’s likely to be called the A11 Fusion, or just A11.
The iPhone 7S Plus can come with a power pack of 3GB RAM. The 7 Plus has 3GB, while the iPad Pro has 4GB, so there’s an outside chance Apple may up things here.

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iPhone 7S Plus other features

New features come with a launch of new phone otherwise it companies doesn’t have a worthy of launching it. Apple has included many Pro features in their upcoming model and that features are:

  1. A Smart Connector for accessories.
  2. Iris scanner and facial recognition tech.
  3. There’s a chance the Smart Connector from the iPad Pro could launch on the iPhone 7S Plus.
  4. Wireless Charging system.

With the introduction of iris scanner and facial recognition, Apple is trying to apply more security to your iPhone.

It’s the same technology Samsung has included on the Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus, and Apple had followed it too with the introduction of biometric security on their iPhone 7S Plus.

iPhone 7S Plus price:

As mentioned earlier iPhone 7s Plus price could be similar to their previous versions of iPhone series and this would be not the Apple’s costliest iPhone because they have secured this place for their secret iPhone model.
Here are the price variations of Apple iPhone 7S Plus: The 32GB model costs $769 (£719, AU$1,229), while the 128GB version costs $869 (£819, AU$1,419). If you want an even bigger 256GB version you have to spend $969 (£919, AU$1,569).

So, these are all some specific specifications, price and expected a release date of Apple iPhone 7S Plus. You will love to know its more specifications this is coming out soon. So stay in touch with us to know more about this, by company official announcement.

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