10 Things a Man Would Never Confess to a Woman

Everybody knows that it’s very difficult to understand women and if you do then you will be lost. You all know very well that women have many secrets kept inside her. But what about men, do you know that men are also too mysterious? They also have secrets kept inside them. And it’s also hard to understand some men. Because they always create a confusing situation in front of their partner which makes difficult to understand them.
But don’t worry Corners360 has compiled a list of 10 things that no man will ever tell you. We have compiled this list that we have experienced in our life. This is uncountable because there are several things that are kept secrets in men heart but we have presented some major one:

1. We love confident girls:

We love confident girls
Image Source: AskMen
Confidence is the main key that builds personality and this makes girls attractive. Confidence creates a unique charm in girls faces their body language get changed, which is liked by men. The things are that men perceive women as they do themselves. That’s why a man would rather choose a charismatic yet overly curvaceous girl over a top model with confidence issues.


2. I don’t know how to do it:

I don’t know how to do it
Image Source: Google
Yes, that’s the main secret inside men’s heart. Mens can also be sometimes imperfect as they also don’t know something in their lives, but “Being a man” in the eyes of a woman is very important for them. That’s why men take up any job, even if they’re not sure of success. Because of this, they need to be strong and smart in front of their lady, whether or not they have any idea of how to repair a hairdryer.


3. We feel lost when you ask tricky questions:

We feel lost when you ask tricky questions
Image Source: Huffington Post
That’s the funniest situations that come in men’s lives as women “their beloved ones” ask about herself that, How she is looking or am I looking fat even if she is fat ?. This confuses them what to answer on her tricky question. So girls do ask little easier and sensible question to them because they are not smarter than you.


4. I can’t afford it:

I can't afford it
Image Source: Dexter Training Concepts
That’s the main thing that every girlfriend should understand their boyfriend because it’s true fact that men cannot afford anything in this world and men also don’t say to anybody about this because they have to compete with another one even if they don’t courage to afford then also they will do it for you. Men always compete, and that’s no secret. Drinking at a bar, they compare themselves with their friends.


5. I am jealous:

I am jealous
Image Source: be larger than life
Now, this is a serious one to take care of because men never say anything to their beloved ones. They never express their feelings openly, and when one of them sees his girlfriend flirting with another guy, he won’t give away a single emotion. Believe us, though inside he’s bubbling with a whole lot of them. So take care of this point and consider his sentiments and emotions too.


6. We like compliments:

We like compliments
Image Source: wikiHow
Like girls men also love compliments from another person. Although It’s a tradition that compliments are usually made by men, they love hearing praise no less. They need words of affection and warm looks just as we do, and such little things can change everything. Men want to know they didn’t waste time choosing the right outfit before seeing you. They want to know that how they are and this can be only achieved if you compliment them.


7. We like girly things:

We like girly things
Image Source: Google
Many men like girly thing. Only the thing is that they hide just because “guys won’t understand” means take care of their nails, smooth skin and their physique just like girls do. They too love to watch women’s tv serial shows to relax. It has become a tradition that men don’t see all these things but it’s not the true facts they love all these. But keep this all thing secretly inside them.


8. I am scared:

I am scared
Image Source: The Mandy Diaries
It’s the universal fact that men don’t get scared because they have to face the whole world as the main member of the family. But it’s not true many of them get scary like girls. Only thing is that they don’t show anything to the world because they will laugh at him. You all know very well that a man isn’t supposed to speak of his fears, right? But everyone has phobias, and that’s right as well. Men won’t tell you they’re afraid of the dark or spiders so as not to show their weakness.


9. I am a master of hiding my feelings:

I am a master of hiding my feelings
Image Source: Redbook
Men always hide their feeling whether it comes to crying or something else because it seems that men are the supreme leader of their family and if men start crying then what will have this effect to their family. So to make their family strong and make him too strong. They resist themselves by hiding their feeling. When the climax of a romantic movie comes that moves any girl to tears can this affect a man in the same way. The only difference is that he’ll gruffly say you’re watching some nonsense and wipe his eyes furtively.


10. We don’t leave without a reason:

We don’t leave without a reason
Image Source: Medium
This is a special type of feeling that men always have hide inside him because a man will never leave if he’s interested. He does nothing without a reason. And if he leaves one he felt good with, he can’t do that at once — such a girl holds a special place in his heart. We’ve only touched upon a few things our men are afraid to say out loud, but it’s enough to understand their heart needs love as much as ours does. So these are all the important things that girls should consider while when they are with any men. We have to feel that we have never shared.

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