10 Mistakes Parents can avoid

Parenting is a very tough stage, It’s a stage in which you have to discipline toddlers, child, and teenagers. This stage comes in everybody life and many parents do mistakes in this. The type of mistakes done by parents towards their children clearly shows the result in a child by their nature, behavior or attitude towards other. Many parents experience an unpleasant situation in which they see their child’s behavior gets changed and this confuses them that what is the main problem behind this? Many parents also get confused how to discipline a child or how to discipline toddlers who don’t listen. They failed to understand that this problem occurs due to their mistakes that they haven’t noticed this earlier. But one of the toughest stages of parenting comes when your child reaches in teenager stage it’s very difficult to how to handle teenagers through your parenting. But remember if your parenting gets failed then it would give a negative impact on your children and their future.

10 Mistakes Parents can avoid
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So to keep you on a safe side, Corners360 has brought the 10 easy parenting tips:
Just read it carefully, learn from it and remove all these biggest parenting mistakes for your children.

1. If your child is secretive and lacks trust, It might be because of your excessive irritability:

This is the most important mistake done by parents towards their children. Always remember, if your child does something wrong by mistakenly, don’t get irritated every time because the more hyper you will be, the more scared your child will be and due to this he will start having secrets within himself and this will create a distrust against you and your child will never trust you to tell anything because he will be scared at every point to decide whether to tell you everything or not. So be friendly to them and keep a smile on your face and try to make them feel protective.

2. If your child is overly shy and indecisive maybe because you try to help them in that thing in which he can cope up alone:

This is also one of the mistakes that are done by parents, parents always think good of their children and they always try to do best for them. So, to keep them on a safe side they always try to help them, but by doing this they forgot one thing that helping your child makes them weaker, so much weaker that they will not be able to take a decision by themselves in some difficult situation because they got a habit of getting help from you. Due to this, they will become shy and they will not be able to face the world with their own decision. So try not to help your children, let them try to handle the situation by themselves even if the situation is much bigger to them. Because this will make them ready to face coming’s world and they will be able to decide properly that what is good for them.

3. If your child always takes other children toys then this means that you are not giving them right to choose:

We know that parents always chose best for their children and that’s not the main thing, This can also be the parenting mistake because choosing everything by yourself and not knowing that what your child like and dislikes, this makes you a bad parents. So always give them a chance to choose anything that they want, Parents should be in a support to see that if their child is choosing a right thing or not. If your children are not able to choose the right thing by themselves, then try to explain to them that this is not good for them. Don’t always try to buy everything by yourself, first ask your kids that what they want . Then take your own decision because by doing this, it will make you a good parents and child will also be happy and starts believing in you.

4. If your child often shows jealousy and envy, it might be because you compare them too often with someone else:

This is one of the severe mistakes in today’s generation that every parent does. This thing can be found in every home and in comparison of your children, you always forgot one thing that this is not a good parenting because every child has it’s not capability and attitude. No one is perfect in today’s world and your child will always have some defect if you try to compare them with another child. Parents should always avoid this thing because by doing this, you are suppressing your child capability. And you will never be able to know their capability that in which field they are strong. Always try to motivate them by saying “yes you are best and you do anything” this builds up the confidence in them and this will make them feel less envy and jealous towards other.

5. If your child is rude then it’s because they are following the example of you or any one of your family member:

It is well said that whatever child sees, they learn from that. This makes their future. So everything depends on you that under what conditions you’re growing up your children. What is the favorable and peaceful environment for them? If you failed to do this then you will clearly able to see the results in future. So keeping your child to safe environment always show them good examples in front of their eyes. Don’t always fight to anybody or use slang words in front them because this will affect their future and they will also be adapted to it. So for good parenting be a good role model in front of your child.

6. If your child is bad tempered and irritable, it might be due to lack of your attention. She simply doesn’t know how else to be noticed:

Every parent wants their child to be nice and behave in a good manner in front of others but if you don’t see this thing in your child then this might be an alarming situation to you because this raises your parenting mistake done by you to them. If you don’t pay much attention to your child then they might become irritable because every child wants that their parents should hear their wish, voice. Always try to understand that what they are trying to say or what they want from you. If you got succeeded in this then this might create a good future for your child and they will also start trusting you. Always teach them moral values, always teach and show them to how to respect others, how to behave properly in front of others.

7. If your child lies to you, it might be because you reacted too harshly to their previous mistake:

If your child lies in front of you then this might be an alarming situation to you because no parents want their children to lie to them. And this raises a question to your parenting and the type of teachings that you are giving to them. Lying is not a good thing, and always tell your children to say the truth because this will make them a better person. A child can only learn to lie if you teach them how to lie in front of others or other reasons would be that you are acting too harshly to them. Lying and scolding both have different level. If your child does a simple mistake and for that, you scolded them so badly that in future they might be not able to tell everything to you because they might get scared of their previous mistake. This will make them a big fat liar, in fact, they will start keeping the secrets to themselves, and they will never share with you which will make a lack of trust from you. So if you act too harshly to their mistake, do love them and try to realize their mistakes.

8. If your child doesn’t respect others, it might be because you tell them what to do without Acknowledging their feelings:

Taking care of child feeling is one the most important step in parenting. Because if you don’t respect anyone feeling then they might disobey you, resulting your child will not respect others because their feelings are too did not acknowledged by you. So before trying to take any decision first try to know that how your child feels about this, is your child feeling happy or sad?

9. If your child can’t stand up for themselves in difficult situations, it could be because you told him off in front of the others:

You should never do this in front of their siblings. Standing up in the crowd and taking decision for yourself comes from early stages of childhood. And this can only be achieved if they have correct guidance by their parents. If you see that your child has a lack of confidence this is because of you that you have never supported them in front of others. You have also scolded them so harshly for some reasons and because of this, they are not able to build confidence to stand up in front others. So to make your child better future always keep in mind to support them and never scold him off in front other people. Where they feel humiliating which causes the lack of confidence in them.

10. Always consider your child uniqueness and their wishes:

This is one of the main steps in parenting. A parent is only considered good if they have the ability to understand their child feeling, their likes, and dislikes, and their wishes what they want? You should always consider all this. Not considering your child uniqueness not only makes you bad parents but it also ruins your child future, that what they want to do or become? So this is the most basic stage of a child’s life. Let them do whatever they want to do. You only do one thing is to observe them, that what they are doing? Your work as a parent is to guide them not to obstruct them in their success path. Guide them if they are going on the wrong path. If you start observing your child carefully then only you will be able to know your child uniqueness and their wishes.
So, these are all the necessary steps that you should consider in parenting stage because this will not only make you a good parents, this will make your child future too. This works with all stages of child i.e. from how to parent teenagers to how to make child discipline. Your child will always follow your footstep. Parenting does not come quickly in a human being, its starts developing slowly and slowly.
Have you ever question yourself does my daughter loves me? or have you come to hear from your child that my parents make me depressed? If yes, This is the critical situation because these are all the guilt parenting mistakes and this makes bad parents try to analyze by yourself saying “what am I doing wrong as a parent”?. If you find the answer of this then you will be easily able to learn parenting or disciple a child.
All you need to do is to learn from yourself, from your past because you were also a child once. So, learn from your past understand it that what was the wrong thing that your parents didn’t consider about you? and follow this while you come in parenting stage. Always keep one thing mind i.e. always consider you child as a unique and do not compare them with others because from that stage only all things go wrong and your child will never be able to grow in a friendly manner rather he starts taking each and everything in competition manner.

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