Neither Volkswagen nor Toyota, this time this company is the world’s largest car maker for 2017

Time is changing very fastly as it can clearly be seen in the field of the automobile world. Volkswagen, one of the top manufacturers of a car in the world is no more in the first place, and this place is now occupied by Renault-Nissan Alliance. The Alliance of Nissan-Renault has done an amazing work this first semester.
Last year, Volkswagen Group kicked perennial front-runner Toyota from the top spot. A few months later, world domination has fizzled, and Volkswagen finds itself more embarrassing even come behind Renault-Nissan Alliance. Now only a miracle can regain a Volkswagen to lead this year once again.

Neither Volkswagen nor Toyota, this time this company is the world's largest car maker for 2017

This view is based on data provided by the automakers. But what about numbers that really count, true registrations by paying customers?
Now, it’s official, the Volkswagen group is no longer the world’s largest automotive manufacturer in terms of sales volumes. As the worldwide sales of the Renault Nissan Alliance in the first half of the year came in at an absolutely staggering 5.27 million units! In comparison to VWs 5.15 million and Toyota’s 5.13 million units making them the second and third place respectively.
In fact, the world’s longest standing automotive conglomerate GM, the retired champion in terms of global sales volumes, sold only 4.7 million units.

Renault led by Carlos Ghosn said that one of the keys to their success this year is the acquisition of Mitsubishi in 2016. Mitsubishi alone added close to half a million sales to the tally.

These are the half yearly global sales figures:

  • Renault-Dacia : 1,879,288 units
  • Nissan: 2,894,488 units
  • Mitsubishi: 494,303 units
  • Infiniti: 125,000 units

(Source: Financial Express)
The alliance of Renault-Nissan was established in 99 and they both have come a long way and today these companies are the world largest growing company with employs more than 470,000 people and have 122 manufacturing units across the globe.
“The Alliance has delivered record sales during the first semester of 2017 reaching,” Ghosn said in a statement. “We will continue to leverage our significant economies of scale and global market presence to deliver valuable synergies for our member companies this year while maintaining a strong technology lineup and offering customers breakthrough electric models.”
Data always change as time passes but the main motive of this data is, as it has clearly shown the world that now Volkswagen is no more a people’s favorite brand and they now liking the technology and specifications given by Nissan-Renault alliance.


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