8 Things You Should Never Forbid Your Child from doing anything

Forbidding your child from doing anything is not a good parenting. Everyone knows very well that parenting is not an easy task. There are several situations that might come into your life to take the test of your parenting. One such task is when your child wants to do anything you always forbid them. Parents know very well that kids are very curious about things and this curiosity develops them, being more active and wise. To develop a child’s future in a rightful way, there are things that you should know. If you don’t want your kids to end up being anti-social, insecure and bullied by people, then try to avoid these things.

Things You Should Never Forbid Your Child from doing anything
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By helping your child you can make your child’s better future and allow them to build up their self-confidence which will help them to fight in today’s world.
Here we have 8 important things that you should never forbid your children from doing. Let us know if there are things that you think we should add to the list.

1. Asking Questions:

Asking questions is one of the natural things that every kid do. They do this thing because they are new to this world, and they are seeing each and everything new, which make them too curious to ask. Asking questions is in their vein and all we can do is to answers them. By doing this you are helping your kid to gain knowledge and this will help them to build a better world. Always remember this never get irritated to their silly questions, because they are small they can’t think beyond as you do. So it’s better to try to answer or explore the answers with your child instead of telling them to ask somebody else. Learn together, and this will also make you come closer to each other.

2. Derive Joy From Childhood:

Childhood is meant for enjoying your life because after this you will start taking tensions in your head. Childhood is a stage in which our mind is free from tension and it is free to grab any knowledge. Always allow your child to enjoy their childhood because this makes them happy in their life, and they will never get bored. You should also get involved with them. Parents should allow their children to have fun, and be the part of the joy with the kids themselves. Good parents should be able to know the balance between fun time and serious time. Don’t be serious when the kids are having fun because the distance will be in the house if the kids are afraid of you. Parents are people who shape their kids’ characteristics. Forbidding a child from having fun will scare them to enjoy good times, and be serious for the rest of their lives.

3. Expressing Their Opinions:

Always allow your child to express their opinion and try to hear and understand them, that what they feel. Because a child never lies about anything until you teach them to do so. Expressing their opinion allows them to build up their confidence and this will build their future. Your child is also a part of the family and they have right too to express their opinion. So never avoid their opinion. Because expressing their opinion will tell you that, how good you are at parenting. Listen to them even if they are wrong, and then try to explain them. Don’t shut the kids off from talking and jump to conclusions. Less argument means more understanding.

4. Keep Secrets:

If your kid has a secret then let it be a secret unless and until they tell you about this. Don’t be so aggressive that you scold them for keeping secrets. They will tell you secret automatically if they have trust in you. By doing this they will feel safer with you if they tell the secret to you. Yes, someone is there to which they can share their secrets and your job is to keep it secret don’t disclose to anyone as you will break their trust. Telling their secrets to you makes the child be more open to sharing their problems and concerns from whatever situations. This is also helpful as you will be able to know more about your children. You will learn what happens to them at school, are they with a good or bad people and many more things.

5. Learn New Things:

Always allow your child to learn new things, never ever stop them from learning. Let them learn anything that they want to, only you have to do one thing is to keep an eye on them and observe that whether they are learning a good thing or not. Learning begins at this age only, exploring is fun and helpful to children’s knowledge and ways of thinking. Parents can’t just keep on handing books from the whole library for the kids to learn. Go explore the world outside the book makes kids learn better and more effective. People should take risks sometimes so that we will be able to know more about the world. Parents also shouldn’t be negative and over-reacted when it comes to adventure. Keeping the child in one place doesn’t make them safe. Teaching them about the world is the best way to show them what is safe and what is not.

6. Make Mistakes:

No one perfect parent in today’s world. Mistake teaches us to not to do again mistake in our future. Don’t be so aggressive when your kid does mistake as they are in the building stage and they are learning everything new here. So it’s obvious that they will do mistake while learning. Just do one thing is to support them and realize them their mistake softly. No parents shall tell their child to never make mistakes for that will just stop them from being confident. That way, the kids will be able to learn more new things and become braver as well. Remember, people make mistakes, but the best thing about mistakes is we learn from them.

7. Make Their Own Decision:

This is the very crucial stage of life as this is the building block of life, making your own decision makes you confident and it helps you to stand and fight in today’s world. These all thing starts from your childhood. Always allow your child to take the decision by themselves as it makes them confident and it will help them to build their own personality. Everyone has their own hopes and dreams, and good parents will follow the child’s dreams. When it comes to decisions, things involve with present and future. If the kids love to draw, don’t take their books and colors away. Because even if you replace the drawing books with doctor’s tools, those were still not what they want. Appreciate their talents and support their dreams make the kids become more successful in their life. Everyone can be successful in different ways, so be supportive.

8. Use Their Own Things:

Always teach your child about the basic moral value called sharing, Always tell them that sharing is caring. Yes, it’s good to teach your child to not to take anybody’s thing, but that’s not the building block of their life always teach them to share their things. As if you don’t do this, then this will make your child jealous and envy which is not good for them. This affects the behavior and mindset of the children. Fighting for toys happen is almost every kid. That is when parents should teach them how to share things with other kids from the young age. Because if not, they will become aggressive and somehow mean to kids around them. When they grow up, they will have a great chance to become either stingy or narrow-minded.


There are several things also that you should not forbid your child from doing anything. Try to analyze by yourself that what were the problems occur when you were as a child as learn from it to build your child’s better future.
Psychologists think that limits make a child feel safer and calmer. However, certain restraints can do just the opposite, making your little one feel insecure and slowing their development.

Almost nobody has a plan for how they’re going to raise their kids. What they have, instead, is a series of promises about how they won’t raise them. We see shrieking kids running around a restaurant or throwing shit-covered cats off of the neighbor’s roof while Mom talks on her cell phone, and we promise ourselves we won’t be that parent.
But when you actually become a parent, you realize that you were imagining a theoretical perfect child that you can grow like a plant — just dump the right amount of water and shit on it and he’ll be fine. In reality, kids have a way of making you look like an asshole. And all of those bold declarations will turn into a series of complicated compromises.

So analyze your mistakes and build your child a better future.


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